Stories of Change

One student that I have been working with since the beginning of this school year has made unbelievable strides both as a student and as a teen mom of a 6 month old little girl. This student was referred to Project HELP through her campus counselor. Project HELP then conferred 

The student stated that she needed help with transportation because she was walking almost 2 miles every morning with her baby to the nearest bus stop. After arriving at the bus stop it would take her another 1½ hours to actually arrive at school. She was concerned with her frequent tardiness and the fact that she had to walk so far with her baby. At the end of each day she was taking the same route home, only by the time she arrived at her final bus stop it was dark outside and she still had a long walk home from that point. Upon arriving home she still had to feed and care for her baby and then settle in to study. This student rarely missed school and managed to keep her grades up; she has stated on many occasions that school is very important to her and that she will graduate. 

During my time spent with this student I was able to learn more about what this student needed to be successful. We spent a lot of time setting goals and discussing how she can achieve each goal. Additionally, I learned more about her life story, which was filled by pain and sadness. This student was very worried about her ability to parent her daughter in a loving way, because she did not have a mom that loved and cared of her.  This student grew up in a house filled with drugs and chaos and she recounted many memories involving Child Protective Services and Law Enforcement. She did say that she felt close to her dad and remembered with tears what it was like for her when he was sent to prison. She remembered how alone she felt at the age of 13 with no one to rely on.